HIS Vacuum Products

HIS has developed into an internationally recognized manufacturer of high quality vacuum components and fittings. We are pleased to supply the microelectronics industries, mechanical contractors, universities, and original equipment manufacturers.

Our commitment to customer service includes:

  • large inventory
  • competitive prices
  • in-house manufacturing
  • quick turnaround
  • superior surface finishes

The personal pride of HIS employees has resulted in a continued history of customer satisfaction. We plan to continue and improve our competitive edge as a premium supplier.




KF/ISO Series

The KF/ISO system of vacuum components is the family of specialty flanges, elbows, tees, crosses, bellows, etc. having interface dimensions defined by the International Standards Organization. The flanges are secured by a clamp acting on the outer flange surface. The ISO sequence goes to 20″ (500mm). The maximum tubing size in the KF sequence is 2″ (50mm). The letters KF often used in describing the system denote the “small” series. KF is derived from “Kleinflansch”, German for “small flange”.

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Weld Fittings

Our fittings conform to ASTM A269 and A270 and can be supplied in 304/304L or 316/316L. Fittings come with a standard mill tumble finish. Other finishes available: mechanical polish ID/OD (#7), mechanical polish OD (#5), and electropolished ID.

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CF Series

HIS manufactures a complete line of knife-edge CF style flanges. These flanges are made to the industry standards and are interchangable with all other CF style flanges.

We manufacture our flanges on CNC lathes to ensure consistent, tight dimensional tolerances and fine surface finishes.

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InW Heater Jackets

HIS InW heater jackets are designed for use on stainless steel tubing, components and other unique applications.  Heater jackets are UL/CE compliant and are made with a unique molded design for proper fit and easy installation. Materials ensure consistent and uniform heating where the heater jacket comes in contact with the tubing and fittings.  The patented silicon-rubber design passes cleanroom out-gassing specifications while maintaining a safe, “warm to touch” temperature on the outside of the jacket.  The InW heater line is efficient while maintaining a low cost of ownership.